Content Management
Long gone are the days where a website owner would pay to have a website created, only to pay again and again each time a small change was required. Content management is the enabling technology that is slowly moving from the confines of large corporations into mainstream website design. Ultimate Technologies has been creating such applications for many years and is able to provide both off-the-shelf as well as bespoke implementations for your business.

Accessible via the Internet, we have already developed systems that allow content such as opening hours, news stories, picture galleries, product ranges, e-postcards, tide times, contact details and much, much more to be managed directly by the website owner.

The content management interface is quick and easy to use and provides direct access to data that is displayed on the main website; via a secure connection. This management screen is accessed via a link that is different to that of the main website and is protected by a username and password. In order to make any updates, the operator must supply valid credentials before any details can be amended. Once happy that the changes are correct, clicking save publishes the new information on the main website immediately.