Ultimate Technologies have been providing web development services for many years, not only in the public domain, but also for company Intranets.

We have created such things as web based test tools, system management utilities, credit risk applications and departmental who's who guides. This work is however locked behind closed firewalls and public access is denied. We have also been hard at work, developing a large number of public Internet sites and to allow you to sample our capabilities, a selection is shown below.


This site tells you all you ever wanted to know about Sussex, England, including what there is to do & see, where to eat & drink, history of Sussex and where to stay. Using a database to store around 400 attractions, plus information pages, electronic postcards, picture gallery and lots more, 90% of the site's pages are created dynamically using Microsoft's Active Server Pages technology. (Fact sheet)


The Association of Youth Offending Team Managers (AYM) are an organisation that offer help and advice to Government funded officers in the youth offending arena. Youth Offending Teams run services providing community-based supervision for children and young people who offend and the AYM wanted to use the Internet to assist their members with day to day issues.


After the amazing success of the electronic postcard facility in AllAboutSussex.co.uk, we decided to create a site full of nothing but electronic cards. Database driven with a full web based management facility, cardlibrary.com features several hundred e-card designs from around the world.


Data2u provides useable, dynamic and interesting information to on-line groups of people, such as sailors, pilots and golfers. This is the corporate website for this UK based company who own and manage a number of themed community websites, such as LittlehamptonPort.co.uk discussed below. Data2u have outsourced a number of their development projects to Ultimate Technologies.


LittlehamptonPort.co.uk is a resource for people who use the harbour in Littlehampton, England, for both business activities and recreation. The site features a webcam, live weather station, tide tables and will soon be expanded to contain other useful sailing related information.


PalmTreeCove, although not a commercial site, provides fresh web page design ideas. Built as a personal web site for one of Ultimate Technologies team members, the site features pictures, information and lots more.


ScaleCenter is a Swiss based online retailer selling weighing machines to European customers.


After an accident involving a well-known MG, we were asked to build a site that documented the restoration process and would ultimately provide a means for the on-line MG community to contribute towards the rebuild cost. The resulting site is database driven and features a full web based management utility, allowing the site owner to make on-line changes to a parts section, working diary, sponsorship lists and much more.


A site that came to us through our Swiss office, Spenglerei Schumacher is a small company that specialises in sheet metal work for the building industry. As well as containing details of the skills that the company can provide, the site includes a picture gallery that allows the site owner to upload examples of work completed via a simple management interface.


A site built for both fun and function. The UltimateMG site contains technical information about the MGF, an extensive picture gallery; links to other MG related web sites, MG history and even an on-line game written in JavaScript.


Ziehl EBM is the parent company for smaller manufacturing units, each already with their own web sites. There was a requirement to pull the group together and although only small, this site shows how simple graphics can be used to great effect.